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the Drain Pipe

When my house was built and due to being located on a sloped grade that leads to a creek, most of the dirt in our front yard was trucked in to raise the grade to street level.  As such it’s settled quite a bit since we’ve lived here.  It was getting to the point that the necessary slope away from the house was disappearing. Rather than bring in tons a dirt to slope the ground (and do major damage to the existing landscaping) I devised an idea to install an underground drain to divert the into an existing gutter.

Step number 1: dig a trench about 18 inches deep, sloping about 1 inch towards the gutter.


Step number 2: fill the trench about 2 inches deep with gravel.



Step number 3: Install PVC drain pipe in trench.  This is special drain pipe which is made with holes from the factory.


Step number 4: attach the drain pipe to the existing gutter.


Step number 5: back fill with more gravel.


Step number 6: top with previously excavated dirt and your finished.  In my case, I added a simple covering of mulch to match the surrounding area.  Since installation of this drain pipe, we have not experienced any pooling or puddled water near this portion of our front yard.