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the Candle Holder

Sometimes the best projects are those that come as a complete surprise.  I was recently cutting down a dying tree in our front yard.  I believe it was an old flowering dogwood but I’m not really sure.   This tree was over 20 feet tall, but the main tree truck was possibly only about 3 feet off the ground before splitting into a half dozen smaller branches.   This would be an easy process.   Using my trusty electric chain saw I started to slice and dice the tree starting from the top down.  Once all the branches were cleared I stated to go at the main trunk.   It was just then that the Wife walks by and says “hey if you cut off the branch ends and leave that part(pointing at the middle part of the trunk), that would make a cool candle holder for the back deck.”

Brilliant idea!

I cut as she suggested, only adding the round indention’s you see in picture used for a place to put the candles.  We went out an purchased a dozen small glass party candles for about $10 and instantaneously had a really nice piece of custom, one of a kind yard art.  You go girl!candle