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the Walnut Face

the Wife and I were at a local art fair over the weekend and I saw an item for sale by one of the vendors that caught my eye.  Here is a picture:


Unknown artist!

I found it interesting because it was almost the exact same size and shape as a piece of walnut I’ve had lying around my shop for a few years.  I had cut the slab of wood you see below out of a large walnut log.  (The log was dropped off at my house by a landscaper that knew I had an interest in woodworking.) During the drying process, the slap had twisted/warped a bit more than I would have liked, so I ended up not using it right away.  Well I thought that this would be a perfect project blank to try to duplicate the mask I saw at the art fair.


All though I’ve been woodworking as long as I can remember, I had never attempted any type of wood carving before.  This would be a first.  I didn’t really have any carving specific tools but I do own a huge variety of woodworking tools collected from over 30 years as a woodworking hobbyist.  As it says on my header “how hard could it be.”

IMG_0416I wish I had taken more pictures of the carving progress but this is the only one.  I drew a rough outline of what wood I wanted to remove, and used everything from a Dremel Tool to a belt sander.  It took about 4 hours work and I think it ended up a pretty nice piece.  I feel a bit guilty for stealing the artist’s idea and really wish I had their name to reference here for proper credit.  If you recognize the work of the artist in the first picture, please let me know.  How do you think he turned out?