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the Underburg Server

A good buddy of mine is a big fan of UnderburgUnderberg is a digestif bitter produced in Germany, made of aromatic herbs from 43 countries. The exact number and identity of the herbs remain a well-guarded secret.  Well it’s certainly an acquired taste.  After a nice swim workout its not so bad (actually pretty good), after running a marathon, not so much.

My friend is a big fan and as been collecting the bottle caps for as long as I’ve know him.  Underburg has some type of program where your turn in a certain number of caps in exchange for various branded products.  He’s was always fumbling around with the little bottles so I thought I’d grab a piece of scrap wood from the shop and turn him a serving tray and cap holder.  What you see below is the end result of about 90 minutes worth of work.  The round indentation in the middle is for the post drink bottle cap storage.