the Walnut Plate

I can’t really say where some of my projects are born but every once in a while a project just happens.  This is the case with the plate I recently made.  I was cleaning up the shop and was just about ready to toss a 2 inch thick piece of walnut into the trash when the idea for a plate developed.  The aforementioned piece of walnut had a rather large crack down the middle, but it didn’t go already through to the bottom. It was a bit narrow for a plate so I gave the stock a few passes through surface planner to square the edges before gluing on two pieces of scrap hard maple.  This would create a blank turning stock of just under 12 inches.  A perfect size for my mini lathe.

I was hoping that the crack would disappear as the blank was turned; thinning the stock as  necessary to “find”  the plate that I knew was hiding inside this former scrap.  In this picture to the left is the blank stock.  The bulk of the material gets trimmed off using the band saw.  And the final product is presented in the right side of the picture.  That’s why woodworking can be so rewarding.  What was a possible piece of firewood, becomes a nice household display item.




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